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82 GT Build - 331 Stroker


New Member
I bought my 82 GT back in 84 with 21,000 miles on it and have had it ever since. I've gone through 3 rear ends but the engine lasted like a champ through years of use and abuse. My project for the past year has been stroking the original 5.0 to 331 c.i. Recently had first startup and without mufflers it sounds like a wildcat!



Active Member
Sounds nasty! Should be quite a big difference in power. Any supporting mods planned? I see a rear end in your pics. Specs? And what transmission? I'm getting excited for this spring. I finally took the time to tear my 331 back down to try and figure out why it wasn't running correctly. After completely redoing the fuel and ignition systems multiple times, I figured it was a cam timing issue. Pulled front of engine apart and found it was good. Found a possible (probable) intake leak where it looked like it wasn't sealing properly. Went ahead and pulled heads to check everything out. I also upgraded the valve springs, as my cam lift was pushing the limits. Almost finished getting everything back together, but got stuck working out of town for a week.