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1991 Fox LX


New Member
Hi All,
Well this is my second mustang and just picked up a 1991 Mustang LX convertible for 2000 w/90k mille o nit. All original. Its needs some TLC which I'm about to give ti all.
Already started buy parts for it and already out of pocket $2,600 into it.

I really don't know what I wan tto do yet.

1. Coyote swap btu then everybody does that
2. Or leave it stock.

Looking for some ideas from the forum on the rims and tires size. But also should I go with 5 lug or stay at 4. Any recommendations?

Please I live in Kaliornaisky so really can't do much to the engine because of CARB, and dont' wan tto deal with it all.
At it stands it did not pass emissions this weekend. Already replaced.
1. EGR
2. PVC - plus items that go attached to it.
3. Spark plugs
4. Rotor and cap
5. Spark plug wires
6. Carbon hoses
7. Carbon solenoid
8. TPS
9. Cleaned out the MAF sensor
10. Air box - stock
11. Vacum hoses
A. The one under the intake manifold, carbon filter, al lthe little ones tha tare connected t othe fire wall.

I have attached a pic of the failed SMOG test; high NO - Hope you guys recommand something else to fix.
Some parts did not have to be changed but I know now they are new.


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