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1990 ASC McLaren Mustang

That is a nice one. It does appear to be an 89 or possibly 90 according to the wheels on it. The wheels seemed to have been different on some of the prior years. I believe 89-90 used this type and other variations were used on prior years.
No expert here, just going by what I have seen over the years. Great photo! Thanks.
I know what you mean about the wheels madspeed, I wasn't sure about them at first, but actually are correct for the 89 or later.
I could really never tell the years apart due to the fact of the bodys being identicle for the complete 4 year cycle.
Wheels, body, interior colors and the airbag steering wheel for 1990 were the only differences I had seen between them to tell apart for the year, but sometimes even that isn't accurate to look just at the color schemes.

Hopefully maybe a member who knows more about them could chime in and start a picture board of McLaren Mustangs.
The ASC Mclaren board does have an incredible amount of info and relevent stats on every aspect on them. due to Sandys dillegent efforts over the years. He was an amazing person. Unfortunately we won't know what will happen to the board now that he has passed.

Great start! Thanks.
Any Mustang McLaren owners out there who want to share their photos of their cars? by all means, lets help load up the board with different variations of color and interior combos. The more the merrier.

This is the place.
You all have got to see photos of this ebay fox Pre McLaren Production car! ( EBAY ITEM # 261127173085 ) I wish someone could upload these photos and video up on the Mclaren board as I do not know how to.

This is killer! I would glady purchase it, if I could get it to pass through emissions to get plates, which doesn't look like it will with the built 351 and no pollution control. Check this out!