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1987 Mustang GT Vert Rear Seat Belt Hardware and Install Instructions Needed

Good Evening everybody and hopefully somebody can help me with a problem I have. A few months ago I purchased a pretty much stock 87 GT convertible. The issue is the previous owner had removed the rear seat belts as he had planned to do a rear seat delete. I purchased new seat belts from LMR but it did not come with mounting hardware (which was removed and thrown away by previous owner). Can anyone assist with what hardware is needed along with how these rear seat belts mount? I removed the rear seat and I see two holes in the floor pan which I am assuming is where the seat belt retractable portion mount. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank You in advance!
I have tried every bolt that would come close and I can not find the proper bolt that secures the retractable portion of the rear seat belt to the floor pan...anybody out there possibly know what size bolt it is? The closest I could find was a M12 fine thread bolt but it still wasn’t right, then I tried the standard size of the M12 and still didn’t work.