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1979 Mustang (capri) Overseas


New Member
Live overseas. Dont have a large choice of American muscle. Found a 79 mustang. I know little about mustang's and Fords in general. It looks like a Capri. Not sure what was available overseas. He says it's a 5.0. Stock. My question. Can I do anything with a 79 5.0. Is it a worthy block? How can I ID this motor?



Active Member
The capri, to my knowledge, wasn't available in a coupe version....only a hatchback. I read some info about possibly a Mexican capri in a coupe model, but I never confirmed it. Anyway, the capri had flared fenders and quarters (basically, the areas around the wheel openings were bulged out slightly). Look up some pics of the capri and you'll see what I'm referring to.

I believe what you're looking at is a mustang that had a capri nose swapped onto it. Interesting, but not exactly my cup of tea. Might still be worth checking out. The capri front bumper/nose is bringing good money here in the US, as are the mustang coupes.


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I forgot to ask. Where do you live? And what's the story on the suv parked next to the mustang? Any info on that? It appears to be an International Scout, but I could be wrong.