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New Member
Hey guys!
I made this thread to throw the build series together for our SEMA Project.
Dubbed Foxzilla, this car is going to feature the new 7.3L Godzilla Motor with aftermarket parts from Indy Power Products along with a supercharger from Procharger. Built to compete in the Vintage class in the Optima's Ultimate Street Car events this car will not only make a projected 1200 hp but be able to handle road course conditions.

The original car was in pretty rough shape but we nabbed it for $1000 cash. We stripped it down and found the typical rust, since this car had a sun roof it was pretty rotten under the drivers and passenger seats. We opted to cut it out and are planning on building our own floor.

We've worked on some pretty impressive projects in the last 5 years, securing top 10 sema build finishes as well as winning the newest optima class in our race truck.



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no not really, This is our build but were doing some motor development on the 7.3L Godzilla and wanted to document the entire thing as people are most likely going to do a Godzilla swap in the future


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Lil' photo dump of the project in motion. The Procharger showed up this week and we got it mounted to the motor.
Now on to finish the cage and get the wide body and floors complete.


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Wow, progress is moving right along!
How many dedicated techs you got on this project?


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Probably the last video before SEMA! A big thanks to Jim Ryder from Indy Power Products for coming out to help on the engine build! We're thrashing away on the build and it looks like we will be burning the midnight oil the next few days to get the car finalized and packed to head to the south west.