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Wanting to build a 500hp street motor...block selection

Discussion in '1987 - 1993 Mustang LX' started by Marc Fucile, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. Marc Fucile

    Marc Fucile New Member

    I have a 1990 LX, with a 331 stroker rotating assembly. Original owner didn't spec out the motor or created a build sheet. This motor will be pulled out and stripped down and replaced with a freshly built motor. Looking to build a street motor that will put out around 450-500(w)hp with standard aspiration. There are obviously alot of options out there when it comes to selecting a block. Would like some feedback on a solid block, that wont break the bank.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. broncojunkie

    broncojunkie Active Member

    I would think a 351w stroker based motor would give you what you want, and the aftermarket support is readily available to make it a bolt-in job. I've been considering a 408 stroker for my 82gt, if I ever get around to starting on it. The transmission will bolt up identically to your 302 block, but the biggest issue is how to get the rest of the car to support the extra power. Not sure what transmission you're currently running, but if it's a factory t5...particularly when you do the necessary suspension upgrades to get the car to hook, you're on borrowed time. You'll probably need subframe connectors and reinforced torque boxes at the very least, not to mention rear control arms and some rear-end upgrades.

    A 500hp fox body ain't cheap, but the fun factor makes it worthwhile! I hope you post a build thread, once you get started!
  3. Blk93lx

    Blk93lx New Member

    500 horse N/A won't be cheap or super easy. Like mentioned above, definitely need a 351 or aftermarket block. More cubic inches and decent cam. Best aluminum heads you can afford. Built transmission, axels, suspension and chassis work. Or look into forced induction and it can be had much easier.
  4. Rick723

    Rick723 New Member

    If you want a 500+hp foxbody I would highly recommend a Dart SHP block especially if you occasionally want to race it at the drag strip. Stock block will crack in half if the rmps aren't under check and without a professional tune. Some guys out there are doing it with a stock block walking the thin line, but they have a lot of experience doing it. If you are serious about a 500+hp sbf I suggest buying a Dart short block from AD Performance. Prices are fair ($4-5k) and their work is outstanding.
  5. Jeff G

    Jeff G New Member

    Agreed. Dart blocks are the way to be for that kind of power.

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