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Timming Cover and Water Pump bolt location and size

Discussion in 'Technical, Maintenance and Modification' started by ALMOST STOCK, Oct 4, 2014.


    ALMOST STOCK Active Member

    TIMING COVER and WATER PUMP bolt length and locations

    All bolt measurements are measured from the underside of the bolt head to the end of the threaded bolt.
    All of these bolts are torqued 12-18 Lb-Ft
    All bolt threads are 5/16-18 pitch; stud are 3/8-16 pitch
    #1---- 2-1/4”---- stud 13/16”--- stud thread pitch 3/8-16
    #2---- 2-”-------- stud 13/16”--- stud thread pitch 3/8-16
    #3---- 3-7/8”
    #4---- 3-7/8”
    #5---- 2 3/4”
    #6---- 2”
    #7---- 2”
    #8---- 5-1/4”…. See Added notes below
    #9---- 5-1/4”----stud 1-1/4” ---stud thread pitch 3/8-16
    ***Not seen in Diagram***
    Bolt and Stud purpose
    Abbreviation ….TCC= Timing chain cover
    #1… Clamps TCC to block, holds timing pointer at bottom. Stud retains the support bracket for the Air Pump.
    #2… Same as #1 but stud hold top of timing pointer
    #3… Clamps water pump to TCC and TCC to block
    #4… Same as#3
    #5… Clamps water pump to TCC
    #6… Clamps water pump to TCC, stub holds accessory bracket for A/C Compressor
    #7… Same as #6
    #8… Clamps water pump to TCC and TCC to Block…. See added Notes below
    #9… Clamps water pump to TCC and TCC to block
    #10. Clamps TCC to block
    #11. Same as #10
    ***Not seen in Diagram***
    #12. Clamps TCC to block (At top near bottom of lower intake)
    #13. Same as #12 (At top near bottom of lower intake)
    Added Notes:
    All Fox-Body cars are not the same.
    The numbers with length and location that I’ve provided above were for a 1989 GT with A/C, Power Steering, Stock Alternator, and the Air Pump in place.
    Bolt only for position #8 is correct for 1989. However bolt and stud combo is correct for 1990.
    At this time Totally Stainless latest catalog now shows the following part # for the long and short water pump bolts.http://www.totallystainless.com/

    1985: (2) SHORT, (2) MEDIUM, & (1) LONG STUDS
    WITH NUTS 6-9030 $49.70

    1986-93: (2) SHORT & 1 LONG STUDS
    WITH NUTS 6-9029 $29.90

    1994-95: (2) SHORT & (1) MEDIUM STUDS
    WITH NUTS 6-9028 $29.70
    You can still purchase the Long and Short bolts with the studs at some Ford Dealerships.
    Ford Parts #
    LONG BOLT W/ stud: 388434-S2
    SHORT BOLT W/ stub: 388432-S2

    Timing Cover And Water Pump Bolt Locations.JPG
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  2. broncojunkie

    broncojunkie Active Member

    How did I miss this? Great info! Thanks again, ALMOST STOCK!!!

    ALMOST STOCK Active Member

    Just trying to help if I can.
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