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Newbie from Ohio

Just found out about this forum. I've had many fox body cars over the years. My latest is a 1982 Mustang GT. It's powered by a 466 BBF/C4 combo. I just got it back together and getting things sorted out...It feels really nice! 100% street legal!


It's a pretty, simple build. It's 466 cubic inches and consists of;
-Scat H-beam rods/probe flat top pistons
-Ford Racing SCJ aluminum heads/Victor intake/1050 dominator
-Lunati custom grind SFT cam/Kaase oil pump
-C4 trans with modified intermediate/direct 6 disk drums/trans brake valve body by Broader Performance
-PTC 4000 Stall torque converter
- Spooled 9" rear with 3.50 gears
I broke it testing last year and just got it running, so no track times yet for this combo.

A little sound clip of it idling.

Thank you.


I've so wanted to do a 557 build with AFR A460 or Kasse heads one day myself
If you're building a street car that you occasionally drag race, you may want to reconsider your cubic inch selection. A well thought out/built 466-472 cubic inch engine can easily eclipse the 600-650hp range and still be streetable. 514-521 cubic inch engines will easily eclipse the 700hp=750hp range. My car is primarily a street car. This particular 466 is around 11.5:1 and runs on 93 octane pump gas with only 30 deg. of timing. It can be a complete handful on the street. I haven't had it to the track with this combo yet, but there is no reason why this thing shouldn't run low 10's-high 9's naturally aspirated.
With the larger displacement,you can actually build an engine with lower compression and better street manners and still expect decent power output...Also, be wary...these engines WILL find the weak links in your drive train and suspension, so make sure everything else is up to the task! Just do your homework and enjoy!
Welcome to the site! Car sounds nasty ! I may pick your brain some time soon, since I've been contemplating a 460 fox!
You won't be disappointed if you do. I built this car from the ground up by myself. I would be happy to answer any questions. As far as an engine build, I'm on a specific website for the 429-460 based engines...the engine builders on this sight are legit and really know these engines. Best place to hang out and lurk/ask for info.
I was finally able to get the 82 to the track for some shake down runs. I was pretty happy! Fastest pass of the day was a 10.70 @ 129, the slowest was a 10.72 @123. Launches were made @ around 2500 rpm on the foot brake, and shifted between 6200-6300 rpm and crossing the finish around 6100-6200 rpm. It definitely has a lot more left in it. I doubt that I'll get it back to the track this season. Next year we'll be launching off of the trans brake, 3.70 gear swap and shifting around 6500 - 6700! 1E14EFEE-CC83-42D9-A42C-7F575FD1C7BB.JPEG 0E7DDE73-C4F3-4DD8-9920-B0BB0E03F366.JPEG IMG_2231.JPG