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New from " CHILLY " upstate NY.

Hi & thanks for letting me join all of you here in this Fox Body forum to ask some questions and also hopefully help at times too esp on the mechanical side of things with the
5+ decades of 1st hand exp i have wrenching cars i can share here in this forum.

I have been into cars (esp wrenching classic muscle cars) for over 5 decades and still have the #'s matching 69 chevelle ss 396 4spd i bought from the original owner over 41+ yrs ago
i still take to local cruises & car shows.

But now i have the 1st Ford muscle car i have ever owned which is a 91 Mustang 5.0 GT 5spd conv (Red with white int & top) in very good cond with 62K original miles on it i am going to be posting on shortly to ask you guys for some advice on where to get good quality interior items and maybe even a new top if i cant get the rust color stains out of it too.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice any of you send my way.when i post here in this forum.

Happy Motoring.



Old and tired
Does my heart good to meet someone else who sticks with a good thing when he finds it.
My wife and I have had our cars ('82 GT's, almost identical) since they were new.
I plan to take some pic’s & post them when I get a chance to do it In between the snow,ice & and rain storms in my neck of the woods.