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New Canadian member - will need lots of help


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I recently purchased a 1989 mustang gt . It is a 347 stroker with nitrous ( I am afraid to use ! ) . Car was possibly drag raced and was told it ran around 11.2 .Having problems figuring out what is all that had been changed in the car . Broke a rear wheel stud and decided to also do a brake job only to find out they are special axles ( probably for racing )and can't remove threaded in studs without removing axle which I have no idea how to do . Maybe my fellow car club members in Rockin in the Rockies car club will come to my assistance or I will be asking the forum for help. Ran great after I bought it for 3 days until this happened . Previously owned a 1984 5.0 mustang convertible. Can't figure out how to load pictures from my computer.
Welcome to the site.
Great looking ride. Looks like it has had a lot of work.

As far as the stud, do you know if it has c clip eliminators?
Sounds like it could be Strange axles or Moser axles.

If you could get a pic with the drum / rotor off, that may help us some.


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Thanks for interest . Bought new ARP bolt in studs that a fellow car club member has offered to machine to proper length and by rotating axle full 360 I found one place where I can drill a hole in backing plate to pass the new studs through and install . Will have to cut old ones off to remove as they are 3 in. long and heads are much larger than arp ones.


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Well one side went well , new bolts and new brakes installed . Passenger side not so good . Grade 8 bolts do not want to come out . Am attaching a couple of pictures to show end of axle aluminum block which is held in place by the 4 bolts through the backing plate . Have tried heat,penetrating fluid etc. -may have to wait a couple of days