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I have a couple of questions about convertibles and a few about my hatchback.

First of all id hope this is the right place to post this.
Ok so, i have two mustangs that are practically the same just different years. I have had a lot of fun in both but they have there problems.
I was thinking of selling one and getting a convertible just to drive in the summer but i have not nor do i no anyone that has owned anything with a rag top other the a jeep.
I have entertained the idea of just keeping it and not even getting a vert.
So i guess my questions are, even with a good top do convertibles leak at all? i no jeeps do but not much. i no the tops are expensive and the hydraulic pump can mess up.
i no foxes have lots of flex and verts even more but would subframe connectors fix this for the most part?
i understand that the money iv invested as far as aftermarket parts and fixes and regular maintenance ill never get get back.
Should i fix most of the problems with the hatch and try to sell it for a little more money or just sell it as it and explain what problems it does have?
Thanks for reading my post. Any feedback is much appreciated!
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There is a FoMoCo manual specifically pertaining to their convertibles; stopping leaks and whistles and so forth.
My wife has a 2006 Mustang convertible. It's not as quiet as a hardtop, but it is quieter than my T-top '82. I don't think it leaks, but it only goes outdoors in pristine weather.
The T roof cars are not as inflexible as those with solid roofs, but unless one is intent upon SCCA racing or similar, you'll never know the difference.
the convertibles all leak. they were made poorly. they took notchbacks and cut the roofs off to make them instead of the other way around. at least that was what I was always told
If i did happen to get one, i dont expect to to drive it in every rain storm, but i dont see me putting a car cover over it everyday either. I wouldn't be racing it either so i didn't think it would make a huge difference. I didn't think of the whistling tho, glad you brought that up, i deff would have to drown that out with music. I will check out the manual tho. thanx
I thought leaky T-Tops were forever. Once I got ahold of the Leak Repair Manual, I discovered otherwise. There are several adjustments to the door window that I never knew of. After following through the process in the book, I am now rain proof. Garden hose can still push past the seal if directed from the horizontal.