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Hello From Cleveland, OH

I have an '89 Mustang GT Convertible that I bought 12 years ago from a seller in Lyndhurst, OH. I wish I knew the original owner but I took this car from a neglected state to where it is now. Thankfully, this car was undercoated/rustproofed and never driven in winter considering I live in Cleveland, OH.


I have some more pics I'll try and post up here. It's an '89 5-speed car. 130k miles on it, hurst short throw shifter, can't remember which clutch I put in but it's heavy (too heavy), 3.73's, H&R Super Sport springs, KYB shocks and struts, 17x8 front (245/45) and 17x9 (275/45) rear pony R wheels, b-303 cam, some off brand headers were on it when I bought it, mac o/r x-pipe, flowmaster original 40's, I put a new convertible top on myself (never again!) There's stuff I probably forgot but here's some more pics.