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Hello everyone!

Hello everyone!

I just picked up a 1985 Mustang LX convertible 3.8 and I am very excited to own this car, as I have always loved the 85/86 Mustangs.

The car has been in its original family since new. The original color was silver but it was repainted in 2008 to an awful two tone blue-purple. However, underneath the car is solid, and the body is in great shape too so it is a good foundation that will last with care. It currently has 127,000 KM.

The car has a regatta blue interior, all power options, which I think all convertibles had in 1985. The top has seen better days but lifts and drops with no issues. It came with the 14 inch steel, wire wheel hub caps but I quickly changed them to some 88 LX ten holes.

Engine runs smooth, even with the prehistoric fuel injection system. It was puffing blue smoke when I picked up the car. The day I test drove it I didn’t see it on account that it was raining. But the next day while I was driving home with the car I noticed it. Turns out the engine had an excess of 2L of oil added to the engine! He mechanic who put the oil in must have thought the car was a 5.0? I’m not sure. But after that oil change the car mostly sat so it wasn’t driven much with the excess oil. The transmission seems okay too, it slipped out of (D)rive on two occasions, so I had the fluid changed with Mobil 1 ATF and that seemed to fix it (too bad the 3.8 didn’t come with a manual).

This car NEEDS a paint job. It will most likely be restored to its former silver color. A new black soft top is on the order list. With time it will come together to look like a new car. The interior is in amazing shape! No dash cracks, no ripped or faded seats, it’s great.

Glad to be apart of the forum and this new journey with the car. Hope to learn more about the car and share it with you as I go along.



Welcome! I had an 84 vert very similar to yours. I v8 swapped it in the mid 90's. Mine was blue with blue interior and black top. Only vert I ever owned. Wouldn't mind having another one!
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