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Emissions Valve ??

Hi all, i have a 1985 3.8 CFI and I went to go and remove the battery today and figured I’d also replace the battery terminal cables because they looked a little weathered. As I was doing so, I applied too much pressure on one of the hoses from the PCV valve. I then heard a small snap noise and noticed I cracked a a valve that looks like a PCV valve but the lower body isn’t metal. It’s plastic. It was plugged into what looks like a canister under the battery. Does anyone know what this part is called? I will try to fix it with some epoxy weld if I can’t source the part. Appreciate the help! Apologies if this is in the wrong section.
I believe you're referring to the charcoal canister. Shouldn't be too hard to source another one. I actually eliminated the one on my pace car, but I wouldn't necessarily suggest you do it. If you eliminate it, your gas tank will be venting out into the air. The gas smell may collect in your garage or there may just be a smell around the car when it's warm out. That's the disclaimer. The honest answer is that cars didn't always have a vapor recovery system and it really wasn't a big deal. My car stays in my garage and I don't believe I ever noticed a gas smell. Maybe I just never noticed it over the regular collection of smells (brake cleaner, paint, wd40, kerosene, paint thinner, atf, gear oil, etc). If you have strict emissions laws where you live, I'd say you're pretty much stuck with it.
I believe you're referring to the charcoal canister...
Hey thanks for the reply!

Yes, you are correct. I ended up doing some digging after I posted this on the forum and went to a few automotive shops nearby including my local Ford dealer. I learned it was coming off the charcoal canister and that it is not required due to the age of my car. In Ontario, we don’t need to do emissions on vehicles older than 25 years of age. The guy behind the Ford counter who has had a 79, and 86 Foxbody advised me that I would most likely need to source a replacement from a wrecker or someone who sells Foxbody parts. He also said that using some epoxy to glue back the stems onto the sleeve should work too. Like you mentioned, the part isn’t needed and can be run with hoses disconnected from the sleeve. I ended up going the epoxy route and it’s holding up so far. In the meantime I will keep my eyes peeled for a replacement. Next stop, spark plugs!