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Beeping at start-up

My 91 LX makes a beeping noise occasionally right during and after start-up. It sounds soft and seems to be coming from somewhere around the center console, but I cannot isolate exactly from where. It is a series of 4 or 5 beeps repeated maybe 3 times and then it stops. This is different from the ignition chime. It has happened only 2 times in the last 10 or so start ups. Car is stock electricallywith just a few drivetrain mods that would not have anything to do with this noise. Does anyone know what is making this beeping noise?
My 88 had a car alarm module mounted underneath the console. Iirc, the inner console compartment is removable and you can see down inside the console frame. You might pop that out and look down inside it. Mine was already unhooked, but I knew there were some wires going back through there for something. I figured it out when I pulled the console to install the new carpet.
Does the air bag light on the dash flash? If so it could be the air bag module behind the radio has gone bad. They make a beeping noise when they go bad.
Hi Guys:
Thanks for the responses.

I do not think the beeping could be created by a car alarm module as I have never had a car alarm installed on the car as an aftermarket item or as a factory or dealer installed item. I have had the entire dash and console out (when replacing the heater core) and I do not recall seeing a car alarm module or loose wires for such. Broncojunkie, do you think the factory installed car alarm wiring and components even if you did not order a car alarm option? I bought this car new and I do not recall the salesman giving me a alarm option when we were reviewing the factory options.

Now, I have been aware of a problem with my airbag because I get the flashing "air bag" light on the instrument panel. This has been happening for over ten years now, but the beeping is only recently. The flashing is a sequence of 10 flashes. When I took my dash out 5 years ago I also removed the air bag module and cleaned the contacts. Everything looked connected up correctly and fine. I do remember there is a back-up power supply (capacitor)behind the dash which I was not able to determine if it was OK or not. When I put it all back together the 10 flashing code continued so I just ignore it. So now after all these years I get this occasional beeping noise which has me baffled. Car has never been in a wreck which caused deployment of the air bag...and all the components of the air bag system are original. Everything else on the car is in good working order with no trouble codes...car has also never been flooded.

Hi Red:
Thanks for the advice. In the next week or two I plan on opening up things on the dash to lubricate my clutch sector gear so at the same time I will look at this module. The problem is that the beeping noise does not occur on every start up...in fact it only occurs only an average of once every 10 starts (best guess). Are these modules available as spare parts?