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BBF swapped 82GT

I've had a 460 in this car since 2013. It's been a running and driving project since. I just recently made a few runs at the local drag strip to get a feel for the suspension set up and tune. Right off the trailer the car ran a 10.70 @ 129 mph, along with 2 other runs in the 10.70's to back up the first run. When I get it back to the track next season, the trans brake will be used and the shift points will be raised. It's a fun littl street car!

Awesome car! I've been wanting to do a 460 motor in one of my foxes for a while, but decided on a 408W stroker simply because I already had a bunch of compatible parts. Can we get specs on the motor? Curious if you're running the iron heads or aftermarket.
It's actually a really simple combo.
- Squared and decked d1 block (10.29) .070 cometic head gaskets are used to keep compression around 11.5:1
(running 93 octane pump gas)
- Modified oil drain backs
- Kaase oil pump
- Moroso foxbody drag race oil pan
- probe flat top pistons
- scat h-beam rods
- stock internal balanced crank
- Ford Racing SCJ cylinder heads ( valve pocket work - mild porting - valve job - guide clearances checked and modified
- Lunati custom grind solid lifter flat tappet cam (657/661 lift...260/271 duration@.050
- scorpion rocker arms/trick flow push rods
- victor intake/1050 dominatior with BLP metering blocks
- trans is a built c4 with a PTC 4000 stall converter
- 9" rear 3.50 gears
- suspension consists of strange shocks/struts/ front coil overs
- Team Z / TRZ rear suspension components
Still has stock wheel tubs and k-member...275/60/15 rear tires