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90 Fox from Phoenix

Just picked up a 56k 90 Fox convertible. Top is toast, seats need recovering and the paint needs some love, but it runs great and the AC blows icy. All for the great price of 1900 :)

Seems like a good site, and I need to resharpen my Fox skills again, been awhile since I had one. I have a 2008 Shelby GT and 2013 Mustang GT and a 2013 Shelby GT500

Can someone please tell me if there is anything special about a 1990 Fox vert with white top and white interior with red paint. I wanna switch it all to black or red but don't want to change anything if this car means anything unique?
Welcome to the forum.

I not sure if there is anything special about your vert. You might could send off for a Marti report that will break down the numbers for you.
There were some summer edition verts in the 90's. Not sure about the exact year or years. The green w/white were referred to as "7 Up" cars. You might start with a search something along those lines.